MAGNUS is a name shared by kings and saints, and now a portfolio of distinctive, ultra-premium wines that takes the drinker on a sense-journey, weaving stories by layering flavor from the nose to the finish. We invite you to indulge in these unique vintages, where every glass is designed to take you beyond the threshold from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
The Allure 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, like the myth of Hades and Persephone, is a dark romance between the structured volcanic soils of Coombsville and the elegant valley fruits of St. Helena. Layers of flavor delight the drinker with a seductive, decadent nose (currants and custard), a valiant middle (rich, yet restrained oak), and a supple, lingering tail with soft tannins.
The Bravado Merlot is grown in rocky terroir at the foot of Napa’s Atlas Peak, and draws strength from the mighty Titan of the same name – it will stand up to any Bordeaux blend, extraordinarily bold with a structure more like Cabernet. Aged in single-forest French oak barrels made by a third generation Master Cooper, The Bravado challenges drinkers to take on the world with its dark, evolving fruits and lively acidity.
The Profane is an opulent, full-bodied Shiraz that delivers big, dark fruits, oak and tannins up front followed by a daring trail of pepper and spice. Made in the New World style, The Profane is de-emphasizes acidity in favor of bold berries, chocolates, and licorice notes. If you hang onto this one for a few years, although we have no idea how you’ll resist the urge to drink it, expect sophisticated leather and earthy notes to develop in the bottle.
The Bombast is an exquisite mixed-varietal blend that reimagines the classic Bordeaux style with California moxy. The rich, full aroma on the nose will regale you with berry, cherry, chocolate and vanilla notes, while the hefty mouthfeel and body will delight with rich fruits and cigar box tobacco flavors. Your next prime cut of steak or game meat is crying out for this wine, but you’ll have to wait!
Mr. O'Mahony has built brands and businesses in every region of the World. He began his career in the UK motor industry and progressed through a variety of executive positions with global brands including beverage giants Diageo and Lion Nathan. Mr. O'Mahony launched Lion Nathan’s Shanghai-based Asia division and led Ainsworth Gaming Technology through its IPO before joining Saatchi & Saatchi, where he ultimately rose to the position of CEO Worldwide. Today through his company fixt, Mr. O'Mahony teaches businesses how to drive success from Purpose, the lens by which he has focused his entire career."
In addition to a life spent in search of radical technology innovation, Zack Zalon has spent his time scouring the world for the right wines to enjoy in his quieter moments. “My tastes over time have circled the globe – and in the process they’ve grown and changed,” states Zalon. “Magnus is an opportunity to take all of the rich and differentiated wine experiences I’ve enjoyed and blend them into a single glass. My goal is that when people taste our wines they can literally feel the story that we’re trying to tell with each sip…”
Mr. Cassidy’s career has focused on the intersection of art and technology to create transformative experiences for consumers and innovative solutions to real business problems. His passion for Magnus centers around creating wines that are exceptional in not only their taste profiles, but in the stories that they tell.

Mr. Cassidy is a trained composer and software engineer with advanced degrees from Wabash College and California Institute of the Arts. He continues to actively compose music for various projects and design open-source digital musical instruments.
Master winemaker Jacqueline Yoakum is known for artisanal wines of exceptional quality. Using rigorous biodynamic techniques, Yoakum finesses her wines until they express their best character. Her wines have taken top honors in both domestic and international competition, and consistently garner high scores from The Wine Advocate, The Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast. An expert at native fermentations and respecting the terroir, Yoakum only works with vintners who are dedicated to making wines at the highest level.
The grapes that comprise the Magnus vintages are curated form the most lauded growers of California’s renowned Napa and Sonoma valleys. Franciscan monks planted the area’s first wine-producing vineyards in the early 1800s. The valleys emerged as one of the world’s leading vinicultural centers in the famous Paris Wine Tasting of 1976.

Flanked by mountains to the north and west, Napa valley gently rises from sea level to 110 meters above at the foot of Mount Helena. Over the centuries the San Pablo Bay has occupied and receded from the valley floor, leaving sedimentary deposits to combine with the volcanic ash from ancient lava flows. Napa’s distinctive mesoclimates have combined with the panoply of soils to create a diverse and exciting growing environment.

Sheltered from the Pacific Ocean air by Mount Sonoma, the Sonoma valley has a unique terroir and a varied climate free from the excessive rainfall that often comes to Northern California. Overlapping both the foggy Russian River watershed and the Carneros region, Sonoma’s expansive valley floor enjoy dry, mild days, whereas the rocky terrain along the mountains basks its grapes in captured heat from the sun until cool Bay breezes take over in the afternoon. Sonoma is renowned for its heritage old-vine Zinfandel, much of which comes from vineyards more than a century old.
The Magnus adventure began in 2013, based on a shared passion for the power of great wines to transform the ordinary into the unforgettable. As friends who often met over wine for both business and pleasure, the partners of Magnus Wine discovered that they had an opportunity to express their deep appreciation for the vinicultural arts and simultaneously contribute something new and exciting to the marketplace.

O’Mahony brings his experience leading a $5 Billion beverage company to the table, coupled with Cassidy’s and Zalon’s ongoing legacy of innovation, to create spellbinding wines aimed at enthusiasts, collectors, and connoisseurs who prioritize artful wine-drinking experiences.